Raku Party for Hana Gandi
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Raku Party for Hana Gandi

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Private Raku Party on October 13th from 2pm-5pm.

For 7 participants - $645.
The Raku Event will include a studio tour and short lecture introducing the group to raku firing processes. Our instructor will then give a glaze introduction, and demonstration on the glazing process. Participants will then glaze a piece of their own (provided by the studio) followed by demonstration on loading and firing the kiln. Staff will then fire the kiln and during the hour-long period that the kiln is heating up, participants are encouraged to bring a picnic to enjoy on the patio or in the garden area. After lunch, staff will unload the work from the kiln and demonstrate the raku process of setting the very hot work into trash cans full of straw and newspaper. Once their pieces have cooled, participants will be able to head home with their personalized artwork from the firing.