Cultivating Creative Intuition - Tuesday Mornings with Faryn Fee (4/30-6/18), 10 AM - 1 PM
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Cultivating Creative Intuition - Tuesday Mornings with Faryn Fee (4/30-6/18), 10 AM - 1 PM

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Dates: Tuesdays, 4/30-6/18

Times: 10 AM - 1 PM

Price: $360 (glaze, one bag of reclaimed clay, firing, instruction and drop-in open studio time included). Tools ($15 + tax for a toolkit) and additional clay ($10-$35 for a 20-25 lb bag) available for purchase at Clay Studio.


This class is for those who have drank the clay cool aid and are interested in diving deeper into their own personal relationship to clay and creativity at large. Not only will participants further their technical skills to manifest their ideas into reality, they will also learn about the nature of intuition and its role in creativity. Utilizing a philosophical approach grounded in introspection and the meditative nature of clay, Faryn Fee specializes in tapping into each person's unique essence and guides them through the process of unfolding their latent creative potential. If you're searching, this is your answer… your world awaits! 

The class will be held in the downstairs classroom. Age 18+. 

Recommended prerequisite classes: At least one introduction to handbuilding class.

Drop-in Lab hours: 

Students are welcome to come in during our open studio lab hours to work independently on Tuesdays 3 PM-8 PM and Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 10 AM-4 PM. Please note that occasional workshops and events may be held during lab hours, in which case some wheels or tables may be occupied. Lab hours are subject to change depending on studio needs. The last day for lab hours is Sunday, June 16th. Lab hours will not be available after the class has concluded.

*In the case that a make-up class must be scheduled, the students will be notified and the class may be held on a different day of the week. A refund or credit will not be issued in the case that a student cannot attend the make-up class.

Instructor:  Faryn Fee

About your instructor: Faryn Fee received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Paris College of Art in France. Whilst studying she took a year abroad to Brooklyn, New York to focus on ceramics and metaphysics at Pratt Institute. Since graduating, she has been in a dedicated independent studio practice developing her visual language. Being that she developed a very tight bond to clay through classical training, her practice is one of breaking the mold of orthodox treatment of clay while involving a culmination of materials such as paper mache, plaster, resins as well as natural materials like algae, moss, mycelium and more. With a deep respect for the ancient medium that is clay, she values very deeply the intuitive nature of the experience of working with it. Which is why as a teacher her specialty and love is developing each person's unique expressive language with clay.