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2023 Empty Bowls Bowl-A-Thon

2023 Empty Bowls Bowl-A-Thon

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Dates: Monday September 18th - Sunday 24th

Kickoff Event: Monday September 18th 5 PM - 6 PM

🌟 Join our Bowl-a-thon: An Empty Bowls Fundraiser from Monday September 18th to Sunday September 24th, hosted by Clay Studio. Clay Studio members and students are invited to utilize complimentary reclaim clay for crafting bowls, symbolizing unity and creativity. Whether you're a wheel-throwing aficionado or a hand-building wizard, we encourage you to put your skills to good use. Craft unique bowls that reflect your style and creativity, all while knowing that your efforts will make a meaningful impact.  

Learn more about the Empty Bowls mission here.

No need to RSVP, just come in to the studio and ask our staff for some reclaim and get started!

Participants will be asked to trim and glaze the bowls they produce for this fundraiser. Once your bowls are fired and finished, please bring them to a member of our staff to donate them!

For additional details, contact our Program Manager, Bettie Coy, or our Studio Manager, Jacob Adivi. Let's craft with purpose and inspire change together! 🍲🎨 

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