Fundamentals of Glazing Workshop with Isaih Porter - Monday 10/24/2022, 1pm - 3pm
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Fundamentals of Glazing Workshop with Isaih Porter - Monday 10/24/2022, 1pm - 3pm

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Date: Monday, October 24th, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 

Price: $40 (glaze materials, tools and instruction included). Participants must bring bisqueware fired at Clay Studio and their own brushes for glazing.

Description: In this 2-hour workshop, local ceramicist Isaih Porter will go over several techniques that will help you with your glaze application. We will cover glazing techniques such as pouring, dipping, and spraying as well as methods to resist glaze (specifically wax emulsion and tape).  We will also discuss how to prepare for success by reading information from test tiles and taking detailed notes. Isaih will also list recommended glazes that are specific to Clay Studio and a great way to get you headed in the right direction. This workshop will not go into detail about glaze chemistry or how to mix glazes. Feel free to bring 1 or 2 bisque-fired pieces if you'd like to troubleshoot together (if time permits). This workshop is intended for makers who have their own bisque ware ready to glaze and are looking to learn a few new skills. 

Instructor: Isaih Porter

About your instructor: Isaih is an artist and potter from Southern California. After developing an obsession with wheel-throwing in a high school ceramics class, Isaih attended Connecticut College to earn a bachelor’s degree in art and computer science. While at college, Isaih was focused on improving his throwing techniques and experimenting with different mid-temperature clay and glaze recipes– he was also a teacher’s assistant in various ceramics courses covering mold-making and throwing basics. Isaih has worked at the AMOCA Ceramics Studio in Pomona, California, where he helped make clay, load and fire kilns, give private lessons, package artwork, paint walls, build shelves, and more. In the past few years, Isaih has created a small business selling his own wares, teaching others, working as a production potter for other ceramic artists, and he’s even converted an old electric kiln to run on propane in his front yard. If you’d like to see his work, follow along on Instagram at @Isaih_Pottery or go to