Danuta Bennett

Danuta Bennett is a Polish born artist who specializes in expressive representational art. Danuta works predominantly in the medium of painting and drawings, but often ventures into photograph and digital art in search of inspirations. Her artistic creations often possess an evocative, dreamy character while representing recognizable subjects. Danuta's images express a duality that springs from her roots in Eastern European background and exploration of Western world, which is her current surrounding.  After  receiving her doctoral degree in paleolimnology (climate reconstruction from micro fossils) and moving to United States,  she pursued her career as an ecologist, while  Danuta's constant interest in art finds its outlet in various aspect of her life through painting and photography as she continues to be involved in creative arts. Danuta's artwork has also been featured in scientific magazines (New Scientist, The Epoch Times and World Environment News). Danuta currently lives in Santa Barbara where she fully embraced a life as an artist.

She has exhibited and won awards in juried shows and continues to show her most recent work in local venues. Presently she is an active member and past vice president of The Santa Barbara Art Association, and member of The Carpinteria Art Center.